Wishes Known

At United Funeral Care® we can assist you with all aspects of your funeral planning.

Our professional funeral director care teams are here to listen and guide you through the preparation of your final affairs and work with you to arrange a memorable and dignified service.

This ensures that your wishes and requirements are met in the event of your passing, relieving your family of the pressure to do so during their time of loss.

Pre Arranged

A pre-arranged funeral is where the details of the service are arranged and difficult decisions have been made before the event of your passing. Your detailed plans and special requests are kept on file at our office until such time to implement.

No money is paid until the time of the funeral.


A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, at todays prices. In the case of a pre paid arrangement, the details of your wishes are documented in a legally binding pre-paid funeral contract.

Pre-paid funeral bonds can be transferred from other funeral directors at no cost. We can arrange for any surplus to be dedicated to a memorial service at your local membership club.

We understand the difficulties of arranging a funeral, not only logistically, but emotionally and physically. Contact us for more information or to arrange for a free consultation on our 24 hour care line 1800 899 773 or via the contact form below.

What to Bring

When you are ready to meet with our pre arrangement specialists, please prepare the following to bring with you

  • Current Photo Identification
  • Copy of current Will, if applicable
  • Any and all Marriage Certificates
  • Current or most recent address

Other Considerations

  • Photographs or videos
  • Songs
  • Clothing
  • Obituary
  • Flowers
  • Invitees